Second chance

In addition to superb products and services to lucky dogs of responsible owners, Lucky Pet is committed to help less fortunate dogs our Lucky Pet Second Chance adoption program.

Lucky Pet fosters a homeless dog at a time, which we name Lucky during their time with us. As Lucky’s foster guardians, we nurture him with high quality nutrition, grooming, socialization and behavior training – and make him ready to be adopted and become a lucky pet.

Customers will also be able to be part of Second Chance program and make a difference in a dog's life through the following actions:

  • Shop Lucky Pet. Every week, customers will be able to purchase a different featured brand of treat or toys – profits from those sales will go to buy merchandise and services for Lucky.
  • Trainer for a Day. Customers will be able to participate as Lucky’s handler during group classes. While Lucky is being trained, customers can learn how to handle a dog correctly.
  • Lucky Playtime. Socialization is very important for the development of every dog. Part of becoming a Lucky Pet consists of being socialized. Customers will be able to schedule a 30-minute play time with Lucky to help him get used to different people.
  • A Name for Lucky. Customers who purchase at Lucky Pet can participate in the contest to pick a second name for our lucky foster dog.  The winning name will be added to Lucky – i.e., Lucky Fido, Lucky Princess. The person who submitted the winning name suggestion receives as a $25 Lucky Pet Gift Card.
  • A Home for Lucky. We want each lucky foster’s story to become viral to help him find a forever home – which will then begin the cycle for another homeless dog to become a lucky foster dog.  Our customers will be key in helping us spread the word.
  • Lucky Health. Donations are always welcome to help with Lucky’s veterinarian bills. will be welcomed to help Lucky with vet bills.