Private Training Classes (6 Pack, 45 min)

Article number: 6PT
Delivery time: Same day delivery available to zip codes 33626 and 33635 or curbside pick up at Lucky Pet (13859 W Hillsborough Ave. Tampa, Fl 33635) during store hours. Minimum order of $25 required for delivery.

During private lessons we may cover:

  • specific doubts the owner may have about their dog's behavior
  • potty training routine
  • learn new tricks or practice old ones.

Some of the benefits of private classes are that dogs can work at their level and there is flexibility in scheduling each class.

We encourage that fearful dogs begin with private lessons and once they are ready, move to group classes. Each session lasts approximately 45 minutes. Classes by appointment.

  • One class - $80
  • 6 pack - $450


After paying for the class, we will send you an email with the class registration link. If you have any doubts, please call us at 813-491-4091 or send us an email to [email protected]

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