Naturally Fresh Cat Litter

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Non-Clumping Natural Pellet Litter

For Cats and ALL Small Animals

While all of Naturally Fresh’s walnut shell formulas spark a cat’s wiring to bury their business in nature, our non-clumping pellet litter isn’t just for cat kids. This formula is ideal for all small animals, such as gerbils, rabbits, ferrets, and puppies. Naturally Fresh Pellet Litter is made with a proprietary blend of the fibrous materials found only in walnut shells. This litter provides superior odor control, absorbs three times better than clay litter, and is virtually dust-free. Ideal for pet parents looking for a non-clay litter at a great price, our non-clumping pellet formula controls up to 7x more odor than other leading non-clumping litters.


NEW! Improved Multi-Cat Litter

Now Neutralizes ALL Odors

Naturally Fresh has always outshined both the clay and natural litter competition in neutralizing ammonia odors, but it just made its premium walnut shell blend even better. That’s thanks to a malodor counteractant that tackles both urine and fecal smells, an ideal feature for households with multiple cat kids.

Our newly improved Multi-Cat formula:

  • Neutralizes both urine and fecal odors
  • Is free of perfumes
  • Creates tight clumps fast, making scooping easier
  • Includes softer granules
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